Rosanna believes that the connection between people and place is one of the world's most powerful, and that narrative and experience design are our secret superpowers in strengthening it. 

She set's out for the work that she does to ...

Shape a place around an identity that is distinct, genuine and captivating —
Strengthening a place's reputation on-the-ground and out in the world.

Connect people to each other, seeing spaces as common ground to support community — Building belonging, gathering consensus and stakeholder support to drive projects forward.

Create an experience that thrills, motivates and drives engagement
Shaping meaning, inspiring new opportunities and a making a little magic.

Inspire a narrative that is moving, provocative, and builds influence
Clarifying values, driving desire and securing investment.



The daughter of a linguist and an architect, Rosanna has spent a lifetime exploring how places speak to us and how we talk back. Her work sits at the sweet spot between cultures and physical contexts, working with people and places to create communication between the two.

As a cultural strategist Rosanna shapes narratives around places and the people that define them, revealing how communication can shift our perception of cities, institutions, brands and attractions.

And as an experience designer she helps her clients create places around cultures and narratives, shaping on-the-ground space to tell powerful stories.


Culturally and commercially savvy, Rosanna works with the world’s leading design studios, global brands and cultural institutions, and has completed over 150 commissions worldwide.

She guides clients to explore future visions of a place and draw out what makes an attraction or destination unique. Understanding how people's behaviour is affected by intricate aspects of experience, she translates this vision into user journeys and narrative design. 

To further this emerging field of experience-driven design, Rosanna develops collaborative research, lectures and guides workshops and skill sessions.


Rosanna sees potential in every place, and works with clients worldwide : from parks in Austin, Texas, museums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to retail destinations in Shanghai. Based in London, she brings experience and multi-lingual expertise of having lived, worked and studied in New York, Barcelona and Sydney.  

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